Breath Balance System

breathbalancesystemAlthough Dr. K.P. Buteyko developed a program using breath hold and breath pause to reset the rate of breathing, it was not until the late 1990′s that a affordable system was patented by Samozdrav in Russia making this type of breath training more accessible to everyone. Breath Balance is designed with incremental adjustments that allow you to progress in stages as your health improves and emphasizes increased CO2 levels through the training. Both methods will serve to strengthen the lungs and diaphragm through the increased resistance with inhale/exhale cycle, an integral component of the tools.

Generally, thirty minutes/day would be the minimum time necessary to see substantial results over an average period of six months. It can be used in the evening before retiring. Using it before falling asleep provides for a balanced sleep cycle due to increased nose breathing and higher CO2 levels while sleeping. Since we spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping, it becomes critical to retrain our breath/sleep cycle to take full advantage of the benefits. Breath Balance is simple in function mixing CO2 exhaled air with fresh ambient air at a given level according to your health.

Breath Balance  is a highly adaptable training system. It allows for a wide variation of settings to allow you to progress at your own pace. It’s simple appearance belies its sophistication. It works to increase the strength of the lungs and diaphragm through progressive resistance in the inhale/exhale cycle, an important component in the overall training. You can monitor your progress with the use of simple test kit that indirectly measures your CO2 levels. There are a number of adjustments that allow you to fine tune the mixture of ambient and exhaled air as you increase carbon dioxide levels.

One of the major points to understand in breath balance training is that it must provoke an adaptive response similar to vigorous exercise that has the effect of increasing CO2. If you are dealing with a chronic illness, strenuous exercise is not an option because you are unable to recover from the catabolic affects of stress hormones and high lactate levels that are predominant with vigorous exercise. Breath Balance provides respiratory stimulation leading to increased CO2 equivalent to that of exercise without the catabolic affects. It acts to break this vicious cycle by restoring a normal rate of breathing. It provides a way of measuring our progress as we become healthy. And because it helps to re-establish normal levels of carbon dioxide that are so fundamental in maintaining homeostasis, it allows the body to begin to heal itself in a way that is both non-invasive and long lasting.

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