With Breath Balance Training You’ll Discover:

  •  How To Restore Healthy Oxygen Levels. In order for oxygen to work to fuel the metabolic fire, adequate carbon dioxide is needed to allow the release of oxygen from the red blood cells to the tissues.
  •  Normalize Weight And Body Mass Index. A robust metabolism is the secret behind proper weight regulation. Food cravings, food binges and blood sugar dis-regulation all can be traced back to two things: What you eat and how it is metabolized.
  •  Improve Your Mood. Your brain works best with a steady supply of glucose and oxygen. Carbon dioxide is the key player in maintaining proper levels of both these nutrients. Get off the mood swing roller coaster once and for all.
  •  Balance Circadian Rhythm And Sleep. Your biological rhythms must be in sync. Carbon dioxide has a profound affect on stress induced catabolic hormone profiles and blood sugar levels that influence sleep.
  •  Increase Energy And Endurance. Your mitochondria love CO2. They are the dynamic little energy machines that live inside your cells and produce ATP. With hypocapnia (low blood CO2) they become morbid and then by default the the job of energy production is given to the cells which they are notoriously inefficient at.
  •  Optimize Vascular Tone And Circulation. Low CO2 blood levels induce micro vessel spasm and progression of hypertension and cardiovascular illness. Adequate levels of CO2 provide vascular dilation and normalize blood pressure. Breath is life and carbon dioxide theultimate nutrient.


Understand That Your Health, and Ultimately Your Life Are Your Responsibility…..

No one can grant you health. It is a choice, and informed choice must be based upon accurate information. The best health care policy is education. Survival of the fittest does not mean survival of the strongest. To be fit you must be informed.

The alternative is a medical system where someone else makes the choices for you. Caveat emptor. This is a system where iatrogenesis (doctor caused) is the third leading cause of death in the US. And where the New England Journal of Medicine announced that it will publish studies of journalists who unabashedly receive money from pharmaceutical companies because there are no longer any journalists who don’t receive money from them.

Look folks, ‘the buck stops here’. Since you stand behind all your actions, it follows that you must initiate a plan of action to get yourself well. Breath Balance training is unique because it is available to everyone no matter what your current health status.

If you want to change your life, your health, you must invest the time. There is no substitute, no easy way out. This program requires a minimum of 30 minutes/day. Just ask yourself, are you ready?


Glasnost From Russia Finally Opened The Door To A Wealth Of Medical Research

The significance of Gorbachev’s Glasnost and Perestroika wasn’t just about social and economic reforms, but opened decades of medical research previously unavailable to the west.  The practical research on the importance of carbon dioxide as a key player in human health was developed by K.P. Buteyko beginning in the 1950′s. His methods are still being taught today throughout the world and have helped tens of thousands.

Further research was carried on in the Air Force Institute of Aerospace Medicine by N.A. Agadjanyan and others who studied the problems of weightlessness and hypocapnia (low CO2) in manned space flights that resulted in extreme debilitation in astronauts. It was only through the refinement of the CO2 gas mixture that prevented the rapid decline in health of the astronauts.  Agadjanyan’s work here was fundamental to the later development of the Breath Balance apparatus.

In 1998 after 5 years of developing and testing, the patented device has been marketed in a number of countries and sold hundreds of thousands. Presented at the  international forum of inventions and new technologies in Paris in 2000 and Brussels in 1999, Breath Balance was awarded their highest achievement.


The Following Is Included With Your Purchase

  •  The Breath Balance Capnicator consist of three containers one inside another that create a mixing chamber in which fresh air is added to exhaled air. This air mixture is adjustable according to our current health/stress status. The unique function of the Capnicator is that it creates a composition of heterogeneous layers of fresh and exhaled air and not just a simple mixture of the two. The training consists of four stages allowing you to proceed at your own pace of health recovery.
  •  The Capnometer is a simple plastic sack that allows you to measure indirectly your carbon dioxide level according to the time it takes to fill the sack. This measurement allows you to establish a baseline from which you can monitor your improvement as you progress through the training.
  •  Initial consultation is free and covers any issues you may have with set up and use and also basic complementary nutritional protocols that will aid in your health recovery program. It covers the introduction to a unique set of low cost health protocols as part of a overall wellness program that are accessible to all no matter what your level of health may be.


 Breath Is Life And Carbon Dioxide The Ultimate Nutrient…What’s It Worth To You?

You can easily spend $70 per month just on a couple of good anti-oxidants like COQ10 and Alpha Lipoic, but in many ways it is carbon dioxide that is the premier anti-oxidant regarding the protective role that it plays with your mitochondrial DNA that are highly susceptible to free radical damage.

Breath Balance is a tool you can use for the rest of your life and one of the best investments you can make for your health. In fact, one of the most notable and predictable signs of aging is a decrease in your carbon dioxide levels that affect everything from cellular metabolism to cardiovascular health. Become proactive in your program for health today.The price for the Breath Balance system is $160, or about the same as a couple months worth of antioxidants, the difference being that one will last you a life time and the other a month or two.